Oscars 2019: Olivia Colman and Green Book spring surprise wins
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 05:27:43 GMT

The British star wins over Hollywood with a funny and tearful speech, as Green Book is named best film.

Lady Gaga, Olivia Colman and all the Hollywood stars on the red carpet for the 2019 Oscars
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 03:45:18 GMT

Lady Gaga, Olivia Colman and all the Hollywood stars on the red carpet for the 2019 Oscars

Brexit: Theresa May under pressure to consider Brexit delay
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 04:30:14 GMT

Tory backbenchers propose a two-month postponement, as Theresa May prepares to meet EU leaders.

Botswana elephant poaching 'no hoax'
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 05:33:56 GMT

A study confirms one of the last elephant sanctuaries in Africa has "a significant poaching problem".

Sun, 24 Feb 2019 22:28:40 GMT

The Duchess of Sussex's pregnancy was celebrated with a special ceremony at an educational charity.

Chelsea keeper refuses to be substituted
Sun, 24 Feb 2019 20:19:32 GMT

Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga and manager Maurizio Sarri have a bizarre falling-out during the finale of an extraordinary Carabao Cup final

US to delay further tariffs on Chinese goods
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 02:06:35 GMT

President Donald Trump said "substantial progress" had been made in trade talks with Beijing.

Venezuela crisis: Defectors fear for families under Maduro
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 00:30:02 GMT

Defecting troops tell the BBC President Maduro's government may "lash out" at their loved ones.

(470) 304-8360
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 00:08:25 GMT

Ads for unhealthy foods already up on London transport will remain but no new bookings can be made.

Birmingham pub bombings: Inquests into 1974 deaths to resume
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 00:01:06 GMT

The 1974 Birmingham pub bombings left 21 dead and families fought for years to reopen the inquests.

GCHQ: Chinese tech 'threats' must be understood
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 00:12:13 GMT

The agency's chief says there are "opportunities" too, but UK telecoms cyber-security must improve.

Armed forces with mental health problems 'failed by system'
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 01:19:02 GMT

A "world-class" treatment centre should be set up for veterans in need, a group of MPs say.

Serena Williams: Cartoon accused of racism cleared by press watchdog
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 04:14:15 GMT

An Australian newspaper's image of Serena Williams having a tantrum drew global criticism last year.

Mon, 25 Feb 2019 06:02:39 GMT

Theresa May's announcement about a fresh vote on her deal is the main story in many of Monday's papers.

Mother of victim on Birmingham pub bombs inquest
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 00:05:13 GMT

Sheila's son Stephen Whalley was one of 21 people who died when IRA bombs went off in two Birmingham pubs in 1974.

Mon, 25 Feb 2019 00:22:57 GMT

Pebbles and driftwood are the building blocks for Sam Bennett's amazing sculptures.

Hurricane Irma survivor’s unusual new home
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 00:05:20 GMT

Rob DePiazza's home was destroyed by Hurricane Irma, so he's reconstructing it with shipping containers.

Gladiator school: 'I love to hit people'
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 00:05:04 GMT

The 21st Century gladiatrix who's bringing ancient Rome back to life.

Norse heritage celebrated at Sheringham Scira Festival
Sun, 24 Feb 2019 10:25:46 GMT

The event in Sheringham culminated in the burning of a longboat to send a Viking king to Valhalla.

Hands-on with the Nokia 9 PureView
Sun, 24 Feb 2019 16:21:21 GMT

Nokia's new smartphone merges together images taken simultaneously by five rear cameras.

Your pictures on the theme of 'memory'
Fri, 22 Feb 2019 11:20:55 GMT

Each week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "memory".

Sun, 24 Feb 2019 00:07:51 GMT

Why this fertility lab worker had to be injected with her partner's white blood cells to give birth.

Oscars 2019: The Indian sanitary pad makers' story wins award
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 03:39:47 GMT

Period. End of Sentence. looks at how one Indian village fought back against menstruation taboos.

Sun, 24 Feb 2019 00:06:41 GMT

Photographer Tariq Zaidi visited North Korea and tried to capture the candid moments between families.

BBC Breakfast
Tue, 29 Jan 2019 19:29:05 GMT

BBC coverage of latest developments

Don't stop believin' in a successful summit
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 00:29:32 GMT

What kind of achievement might have the US and North Korea singing their way home from Hanoi?

Michael Jackson doc director challenges 'cult of celebrity'
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 00:18:51 GMT

The director of Leaving Neverland speaks about interviewing Michael Jackson's alleged victims for his documentary.

Extreme allergies: 'I couldn't even eat an apple'
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 00:35:00 GMT

How do you cope when allergies prevent you from eating a long list of foods?

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Mon, 25 Feb 2019 00:34:59 GMT

How three college students set up popular restaurant chain Sweetgreen.

Venezuela crisis: Who is buying its oil now?
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 00:43:33 GMT

Sanctions block US companies doing business with Venezuela's state oil company.

Housing costs: Five surprises explained
Sun, 24 Feb 2019 00:39:56 GMT

Some assumptions about the UK's housing sector may no longer be true. Here are five that may surprise you.

Sun, 24 Feb 2019 00:43:36 GMT

Twenty years after the Macpherson report - set up following the Stephen Lawrence murder - has anything changed?

Greece's invisible minority - the Macedonian Slavs
Sun, 24 Feb 2019 00:16:18 GMT

Greece has long denied that it has a Macedonian minority. Will this now change, asks Maria Margaronis?

Tymoshenko v Tymoshenko: Funny business at the polls
Sun, 24 Feb 2019 00:21:33 GMT

Two candidates in Ukrainian presidential election have the same name. Some suspect it's a trick to confuse voters.

Rakbar Khan: Did cow vigilantes lynch a Muslim farmer?
Sat, 23 Feb 2019 00:10:31 GMT

The murder of a Muslim dairy farmer in rural Rajasthan raises questions about the relationship between police and cow protection gangs.

Man City beat Chelsea in shootout to win Carabao Cup
Sun, 24 Feb 2019 20:19:33 GMT

Manchester City win the Carabao Cup on penalties after Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga defies Maurizio Sarri's attempt to substitute him.

(425) 947-4087
Sun, 24 Feb 2019 22:03:27 GMT

Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri says he "misunderstood' Kepa Arrizabalaga's situation following their cup final stand-off

'I've never seen the likes of this before' - Rashford adds to Man Utd injury woes
Sun, 24 Feb 2019 18:18:13 GMT

Interim boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford is a doubt for their next match after playing injured in the 0-0 draw with Liverpool

Six Nations Shuffle: History makers, huge hits & a try-machine
Sun, 24 Feb 2019 20:34:29 GMT

Watch the quirkier moments from the third round of the Six Nations, including a record-breaking win for Wales, a series of slips for France & Ireland's scoring machine.

(613) 227-0847
Sun, 24 Feb 2019 17:42:57 GMT

Ireland's defence of their Six Nations crown remains alive but only just after a laboured bonus-point 26-16 win over Italy.

In pictures: Red carpet glamour
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 06:04:26 GMT

Stars including Melissa McCarthy, Glenn Close and Spike Lee dazzled on the famous red carpet.

Mon, 25 Feb 2019 02:38:39 GMT

The film's costume designer and production designer are the first black winners in their categories.

(770) 384-1775
Mon, 25 Feb 2019 01:45:29 GMT

Find out who's got their hands on the golden statuettes at this year's Academy Awards.

Sun, 24 Feb 2019 07:37:40 GMT

The actor doesn't think he'll win a prize, but is loving the experience of being nominated.

(361) 510-0310
Sun, 24 Feb 2019 00:26:20 GMT

The Academy Awards are making a few changes in an effort to stop the ratings from falling further.

A look at the films vying for best picture at the Academy Awards 2019
Wed, 20 Feb 2019 01:31:56 GMT

Eight films are up for best picture at this year's Oscar ceremony: we've cut them down to a bite-size 30 seconds.

#MeToo Oscars: What's changed?
Sat, 23 Feb 2019 20:11:02 GMT

The 2018 Oscars directly addressed the #MeToo movement, so how are women faring in the industry this year?

Melissa McCarthy: Oscar-nominated actress wins a Golden Raspberry
Sat, 23 Feb 2019 08:00:19 GMT

Melissa McCarthy wins a Golden Raspberry for worst actress - the day before she's up for the Oscars' best actress.

Oscars 2019: How Richard E Grant took over role from Chris O'Dowd
Fri, 22 Feb 2019 08:57:04 GMT

Chris O'Dowd very nearly played a role made famous by Richard E Grant.

Jamie Lee Curtis: Oscars changes are 'missteps, not chaos'
Sat, 23 Feb 2019 10:13:51 GMT

The actress says attempted changes to the ceremony this year were just "a couple of missteps".

How will Pope Francis deal with abuse in the Catholic Church?
Wed, 20 Feb 2019 00:43:21 GMT

How will the Pope confront the culture of abuse that has beset the Roman Catholic Church?

Chernobyl: The end of a three-decade experiment
Thu, 14 Feb 2019 17:49:54 GMT

The abandoned Chernobyl exclusion zone could be about to change for the first time since the world's worst nuclear disaster.

(337) 216-7830
Sun, 17 Feb 2019 01:13:23 GMT

When Alex Smith joined the Army he didn't reveal to anyone he had spent years training to be a dancer.

El Chapo guilty: Will his jailing change anything?
Wed, 13 Feb 2019 15:19:58 GMT

The trial and conviction of the notorious Joaquín Guzmán tells us much about the multi-billion drugs trade.