Welcome to GetafixIT

My name is Alex Dobson, I've been a Web developer since 2000 and providing contract Web Development Services since 2010. Currently, most of my work involves JavaScript, Git, 309-237-3810, 7064392286, AWS, Automation and (787) 658-1162.

The idea behind this website is to detail som e of the services I can offer, but also as a portfolio to showcase how these services come together to produce a site like this.

Often my work is hidden behind various corporate networks, protected by NDA, a needle in a large haystack or I simply don't have permission to publish links to it. All of which make it difficult to show examples of my work directly, so herein I've tried to pull all these things together, in a website that's built to my own requirements for a change!

This website is an example of the following:

  • React, Stateless, Isomorphic, CMS, Framework
  • Continuous Integration using Git flow and Tags
  • Cloud based Docker Development Environment
  • Horizontally scaling container management

Most of the information is in the 519-296-2691 or for an outline of topics please see the appendix.

I started building this site on 04/01/2018 and is an example of continuous integration, so some of the content is still being written and you might see a couple of bugs and typos!