Social. Simple. Secure.

Personalized Mobile Solutions

Top Selling Features

Chat System

Let users communicate with each other instantly and on-the-go via your app

Smart Search

A search tool that makes everything in the user profiles searchable


Help users find each other based on proximity or location

Social Media

Integrate your social media activity stream into the application

Push Notification

Send important information straight to your users’ phones

User Insights

Statistics & data about your users visually displayed through an admin interface

Mobile Solutions

Talent & Workforce

direct messaging
custom social networks (employee interaction)
employee training systems
calendar integration
organization-to-employee communication

Community Management & Engagement

direct messaging
custom social networks (member interaction)
social media integration
geolocation-based connectivity
organization-to-member communication

Custom Platforms for Internal Communication

direct messaging
custom social networks
profiles (social media integration)
file sharing
search engine (keywords)

Our Promise


Inspired by modern social networking technology & trends to improve communication & interaction


An intuitive interface, multi-platform availability, full tech support, and easy integration with existing database systems


Modern industry security standards and option to host on your own servers

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